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Things to Do

In addition to world-class diving, the Regulator can take you and your party to see the amazing sights on the Saint Lawrence.  Weather it's meandering back and forth across the US/Canada border to enjoy the beautiful views of the islands, cottages, mansions, and wildlife, or stopping to tour turn-of-the-century castles, watch a fireworks show, or see a lighthouse or museum, you'll have a memorable time on board.

Below are some things to see and do on the river, as well as things to do when your not diving or cruising the river with us.

Boldt Castle is one of the most famous sites in the 1000 Islands.  The tragic story behind this marvel of architecture from the end of the gilded age adds to its legendary status.  Commissioned by George Boldt as a gift to his wife in 1900, construction of the Rhineland style castle was ordered to be halted by a telegram from Boldt when his wife died suddenly in 1904. George Boldt never returned to the island.

The castle lay untouched for decades, visited by inquisitive locals and pillaged for scrap metal by thieves, then later as a tourist attraction where visitors could explore the unfinished interior.  In 1977 the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority acquired the island and has been slowly restoring and completing the castle according to the original plans.

The castle's medieval charm and island setting make it a very popular destination for weddings, while each year a massive fireworks display is set off from the island to celebrate Independence Day.

Rock Island Lighthouse is an historic navigation light located at the entrance to the American Narrows section of the seaway.  Built in the mid-19th century to aid mariners entering this treacherous stretch of the river. Just off the shores of the island lies one of our favorite wreck sites, the A.E. Vickery.  After sitting abandoned for decades, the New York State Department of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation purchased the island with it's lighthouse, keeper's cottage, and other buildings.

Today, there is a museum, picnic facilities, and tours to the top of the lighthouse.  This historic site can be part of your river tour charter or a stopover during your surface interval or on the way back to the boathouse.

singer castle 1000 islands scuba

Singer Castle rests on Dark Island several miles downstream from Alexandria Bay.  The island is also vey close to the wrecks of the Keystorm and America.  The castle was built at the dawn of the 20th century at the same time George Boldt was beginning to build his more famous, if unfinished, castle.  Known as The Towers by its owner and his family, the castle was commissioned by Frederick Bourne, then president of the Singer Sewing Machine Company.  Designed by famous architect Ernest Flagg and finished with the finest artisans money could buy - some brought from as far away as Italy - this medieval style castle is a wonder to behold. Guided tours are offered daily, and overnight stay packages are even available.


International Rift/1000 Islands Bridge Loop: Let us take you through the heart of the 1000 Islands region to view all five sections of the world-famous bridge that bears the region's name.  You'll learn some of the area's rich history from our captain while enjoying the stunning views of pristine natural wonders, century-old mansions, and the river's wildlife; along the way, you'll pass under the world's shortest international bridge.


Clayton Distillery is a family-own business, which makes premium spirits from locally grown ingredients, using sustainable methods of production.  They offer tastings and retail sales at their storefront in Clayon.  The distillery currently produces vodka, mixed berry vodka, gin, barrel aged gin, un-aged corn whisky (moonshine), limoncello, orangecello, strawberry rhubarb liqueur, maple strawberry liqueur, raspberry liqueur, bourbon, maple whisky and three flavored moonshines.


Thousand Islands Winery is the first of its kind in the north country.  Opened in 2003 by a retired US Army officer and his wife, the winery is home to award-winning wines in a beautiful setting.  Tastings and tours are offered daily

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